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Professional SEO Packages

Why need professional SEO packages? SEO is an evolving field. The world is competitive and everyone is striving hard to make his/ her website at the top of the ranking. To ensure that your website will remain on the 1st page, you need to optimize your website according to the parameters of search engines. This is the age of information technology. The engineers are trying hard to improve the functionality of the search engines so that they can provide accurate results during the searches. For this reason, to get the perfect result you have to choose the right SEO packages. Otherwise, you will go far away from your success.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is an important part of optimizing a website. I called it the heart of a website. We will apply the latest SEO trends such that you can catch organic traffic, leads, and sales.

Link Building Service

Backlinks are a backbone for a business website. The more you get high-quality backlinks the more chance your success. For this reason, we provide a high-quality link building service which is Google penguin and panda safe.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the method to fixed SEO issues. We carefully optimize XML file, robot.txt file, duplicate content issue, canonical issue, and page speed issue. Also, we carefully optimize any kind of search console issue.

SEO Audit

SEO audit is very very important to start your optimization work. If we want to properly optimize your website, first we have to find out the issue. It will we can properly and perfect SEO audit.

Local SEO

With our local SEO service, you can dominate your industries in your local area. Local SEO is as important as necessary for your business. Without it, you can not succeed in your online business.

Keyword Research

Our dramatically quickest keyword research and analysis grab hundreds of long-tail keywords with low difficulty. Keyword research is an important part and valuable in the search engine marketing strategy.


If you got a penalty from Google, in this stage we will recover it.


We will write original and high-quality unique content according to your business


For increasing social signal, we will optimize your social media profile

Benefits of Professional SEO Package?

What are the benefits of our professional SEO package? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of editing and analyzing the website to improve its ability to rank well in the search engines. By putting in the extra effort to use the right SEO strategies, a business or private website can become that much more powerful and increase its daily traffic and earning potential. Here are a few reasons why it benefits to invest more time on ranking a website:

Increase Traffic:

Ranking a website in the top 1-10 position can help to see a significant increase in impressions and clicks. This is one of the major benefits of focusing on our professional SEO packages and leads to the most targeted and qualified web traffic. Even concentrating on simple issues like creating keyword relevant, atractive title tag and informative content can help increase the potential click-through rate and the targeted readers.

Return on Investment (ROI):

This is another part we will take care of our professional SEO packages. The steps taken to improve on SEO are easily trackable to see an increase in traffic, conversion, and rankings. The ability to rank a website is equally as effective on an e-commerce or non-e-commerce site, so it is always possible to make sure the money invested in a specialist to rank a site is helping to achieve the desired results.

benefits of the seo package


Using proper SEO techniques can be very cost-effective in the long term because its main aim is to target interested parties who have an interest in your services or products. The initial work performed continues to work and isn’t so dependent on repeating the process like with other strategies, such as cold-calling.

Site usability:

In the process of making the site easier to understand by the search engines, Our professional SEO service can also help to make it easier to use for the actual site users. By making the site’s links and architecture easier to read, there is the dual benefit of making it possible for the search engines to quickly find and read pages, while the site visitor will find information and navigate the pages with a lot less trouble.

Brand Awareness:

A top-ranking website has the ability to benefit from an increase in brand awareness because the site is benefiting from greater exposure and traffic. By staying in the top position for the long term, it is possible for visitors to associate your service or product with the relevant keywords. This overtime helps to build trust since the sites that sit on the front page are often perceived as being trustworthy.

Other benefits of putting SEO to good use include the ability to stay in front of the competition by ranking better and enjoying better conversion rates.

Professional SEO Package

This professional SEO package only for those who really want to succeed in their profession. It is not a monthly package. Just pay one time and take full service.


The Following Features Include for All Packages

Website Audit & Analysis:

In-depth site audit & analysis

In-depth business analysis

In-depth competitor analysis

Duplicate content analysis

In-depth backlink analysis

Canonicalization Analysis

Google penalty analysis

Broken links analysis

Web page speed analysis

Mobile usability analysis

Web navigation analysis

Web structure analysis

W3C validation analysis

Browser compatibility analysis

Keyword Research:

Keyword research using premium tools

LSI keyword analysis

Competitor keyword analysis

Finalize the desired keyword

On-Page Optimization:

Title & meta tags optimize

Header tags Optimize

Keyword density optimize

Content optimize

Image optimize

Inbound link optimize

Outbound link optimize

URL optimize

Footer optimization

Technical SEO:

HTTP code clean up

404 & 301 optimize

Web performance optimize

Robort.txt file optimize

XML sitemap optimize

FB open graph optimize

Twitter card optimizes

Page loading optimize

Google analytics integration

AMP/Mobile site optimize


Broken links optimize

Crawl error optimize

Schema markup optimize

HTTPS optimize

Local SEO:

Local citation listing

Business directory listing

GPS business listings

NAP consistency optimize

GMB page optimization

Bing business page optimize

Apple maps integration

Rich snippets optimize

Social Media Optimize:

Facebook profile optimize

Twitter profile optimize

Pinterest profile optimie

Instagram profile optimize

Myspace profile optimize

Reddit profile optimize

Quora profile optimize

Tumblr profile optimize

ok.ru profile optimize

vk.ru profile optimize

Linkedin profile optimize

Telegram profile optimize

And more

Link Building:

Niche relevant high DA backlink

High citation & trust flow backlinks

Diversified link building

Tier 1, 2, and 3 link building

Contextual link building

Web 2.0 link building

Blog comment backlinks

Guest posting backlinks

Directory link building

Q & A link building

Forum profile backlinks

Forum posting backlink

Social bookmarking

Backlinks from Edu domain

Social media profile link

Video-sharing links

PDF sharing links

Image sharing links

Audio sharing links

Classified ads submission

Video Marketing:

Youtube channel optimize

Dailymotion channel optimize

Explainer video create and publish

Slide share video create and publish

Premium Plugin Install:

Yoast premium

Yoast woo-commerce premium

Gravity forms premium

WP rocket premium

WP AMP premium

WP Google maps premium

Woo-commerce Google analytics

Woo-commerce currency switcher

Polylang pro premium

Wordfence premium


What we do to make your business website search engines friendly?

We all are aware of the conventional ways of SEO. This includes two types of activities. These are on-page optimization and off-page optimization. Let me give you a brief about these activities.

On-Page Optimization:

The On-page activities are performed to make the website as per the search engine matrix. There are certain defined values that are necessary to put on the website to make it SEO-friendly. These values are searched by the bots or spiders. When they find these values, they will automatically take your website in the searches with the relevant keyword. This optimization is much beyond meta tags, descriptions, and titles. 

content behavior strategy

If you are still not getting the results, then we can do some other activities on your website. The most important activity is keyword blogging. This serves two purposes. The first thing is that it helps in updating the content of the website. The second purpose it serves is that it provides information about your products and services in a more comprehensive manner.

We also put the feed on your website. This helps the readers to get your news feed in an easier manner. Another activity that needs to be done as on-page activity is content optimization. In this, need to check the keyword density. It is recommended to avoid the insertion of unnecessary keywords. At times, this may blacklist your website. Also, we will give more extra effort (that is our secrete method) to getting targeted traffic and increase ranking.

Off-Page Optimization:

Let me discuss some content marketing tips. This is also considered a new age off-page optimization. In this, the information in the form of content is spread across different platforms. This is being done to get the backlinks. How will backlinks help you? When we put authentic information in the content, then it will provide an engaging impact on the mind of the readers. If this infuses trust in the readers, then they will click on the link which is given there. In this way, you will get traffic on your website. The more traffic, the better will be the chances of conversion. We have the option to spread your content in the form of articles, blogs, PPT, PDF, short descriptions, comments, question, and answers, etc.

How We Will Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly:

So as to plan online marketing, it is significant that you have a solid establishment to expand upon. For instance, generally, keywords were focused on the sole reason for natural rankings. At present, that isn’t the subject. Keywords are the most basic piece of any website optimization plan. Looking past the SEO juice they bring, Keyphrase research reveals to us a great deal about clients and why they search.

Here are a couple of evergreen systems that must be a piece of your web online marketing methodologies:

Remove Anything that Allows Down Your Site:

A poor optimized web speed site negatively affects the general positioning of the site. This is on the grounds that the client experience is totally lost. Clients once in a while sitting tight for over 3 seconds for a site to completely stack. A lazy site can be inconvenient for both clients and for rankings. All things considered, expel anything on your site, for example, overwhelming designs or videos that increase the loading times.

what we do to make your business website search engines friendly

Links to Relevant Content Only:

Given the link to relevant content is great for your website. Ensure that these pages have a highly authoritative level that will decidedly affect your rankings. So, given the link won’t take the user off your content. Leave the link cautiously.

Trustworthy Sites to Link to You:

Create a profile backlink of the trustworthy website over the web linking to your site. This helps make the authority of your site as well and guarantees that your rankings go higher.

Write for Humans First:

Content is powerful – for both SEO purposes and for attracting visitors to your website. Make sure that your content with search engine optimization in mind. The content loses its charm and readers cannot relate to what you wish to say. Make sure that we optimize your content for your readers first.

Meta Data is Important Too:

A well-crafted meta description can help your website because people who search get a gist of what’s on your site even before they open the link from the meta description. So we create unique meta descriptions for each of the links on your web page.

affordable seo packages

Have Web Analytics in Place:

Without having the means to measure your success, any marketing strategy will fail. Hence make sure that you have web analytics in place before you begin with your search engine optimization efforts.

Readable and Meaningful URLs Only:

URLs that are short and completely describe the purpose of the page are easy to understand and provide enough information to search engines when they crawl your website too. For this reason, we will optimize your URLs for search engines friendly

Build Momentum with Social Sites:

With search engine optimization, you cannot ignore the potential of social media. Always include a social media strategy within your SEO strategy. We will create and optimize all major social media platforms such that you go a high social signal.

Above all, ensure that your website has unique content, clear images, and the right keywords included – this will definitely aid all our SEO efforts.

The Perfect and Professional SEO Packages:

Why need perfect and professional SEO packages? Regardless of whether you have a low-cost SEO plan to work with, you need the best SEO setup. This sort of speculation is significant if your business will get an opportunity of developing and flourishing. Else, you hazard it becoming mixed up in the mix and never truly getting off the ground. It is annoying when you need to shut it down on the grounds that you can’t profit from it.  Therefore, if you want to protect your business from being clogged, you have to choose the perfect and professional SEO packages.  Rank Trends is one of the best SEO service provider companies in Bangladesh that provides all the features you need to boost your business. 

perfect seo package

Offshore Outsourcing:

Perhaps the best SEO method for you right now would be to engage in offshore outsourcing. This can save you money when our costs are significantly less than what you would pay in your country for the same services. Take your time to investigate what we offer and our expertise. You need to be confident we can complete what you need successfully.

Offshore outsourcing continues to be a growing resource due to the money saved. The work can be done from any location in the world and communication can be done online or via phone. This is one viable way to stretch your money further and to see results without overspending your budget.

If you prefer to keep it local, find out our local SEO service what we can offer you to get started for a low budget. As you start to see increased sales volume, allocate some of those profits towards additional SEO efforts. Continue that process until you have everything you want and need securely in place.

Be Selective With SEO Packages:

Most SEO service companies do have SEO packages available. They bundle services and you get to pick the package that works best for your needs. You also get to take your budget into consideration. When it comes to professional SEO package, you need to be selective. You need to know you are getting services which can yield you results. Not all of the providers or the packages are the same. SEO is very important for your business, so invest your time to get it right. Ask questions, research, and make a well-informed decision. Look for a provider you can trust and one you can share your business goals and concepts with. You need them in your corner every step of the way.

Provider Reputation:

What is the reputation of that particular provider? Are they new to the industry or have they been established for quite some time? How large or small is their operation and how many employees do they have? Look for providers of SEO packages willing to create something unique and powerful for your business.

Avoid those that have a cookie-cutter approach they use with every business that comes to them. You need to feel like they are passionate about what they do and also creative. How are they going to use the tools and resources they have to help you be successful?

provider reputation

Compare Prices:

Saving money should be important to you from a business point of view, but often you get what you pay for. Compare prices when it comes to affordable SEO package. This information will help you to get a realistic idea of what is being charged in the industry for specific services. If a provider you have your eye on is charging more or less, ask why.

They may be offering a very good introductory deal, but will you have to pay more in the future? They may have lower prices to help them get an edge over their competitors. Some do charge more but it is justified due to the services you get, the speed of services, and the top-notch performance they can consistently deliver. Don’t go for a lower price and get less service.

Compare SEO Services:

What do you get for your money with various SEO services? Compare them so you can see where the real value is. Avoid those that add more features to make them look better. However, when you examine them you will find many of those features you aren’t going to use.

That doesn’t make it a good package if you aren’t using everything it includes. Sometimes, you need the provider to discuss with you what it entails and how those features will benefit your company. If you can then justify buying them do so. If you can’t, it isn’t the right SEO package for you.

Think about the Future:

You will need the benefits of a professional SEO package both now and into the future. Think about the long-term effects and your overall goals. As your business thrives and you make more profits, you can change your SEO approach. You can expand it in new directions. Look for a provider that offers you such flexibility.

Avoid an affordable SEO package that locks you into the same resources for a long period of time. You certainly don’t want your business to be stagnant or see very little growth. A quality SEO business is going to encourage you to reach for the stars and then pave a way for you to get there!


If you want to see your business website on google’s first page or if you want to build a dynamic or eCommerce website just dial the above number.

Professional SEO Package, We Can Afford:

When it comes to a professional SEO packages, don’t go for cheap that doesn’t get you results. You need to find a provider offering great prices but also proven results. This is an investment in the future for your business so you can’t take any chances. Without it, you can get lost in the shuffle. Potential customers won’t know what you offer and they will buy elsewhere.

Quality Matters:

The quality has to be there with professional search engine optimization, and it starts with the methods in place. We use proven methods that are true and honest. We have the best tools and methods in place to deliver. When we can get the results in less time, we can pass savings on to you. Shop around to ensure you can get some reliable and spectacular at the same time. Thanks to the widespread competition, we now offer professional SEO packages. Hire us, otherwise, you can not profit from your business, if you go to another supplier who cannot provide good quality services. Moreover, month after month you charge for their service go through.

We know there is that segment of the population who will assume paying more gets them better SEO. That isn’t necessarily true though so don’t be inclined to pay the highest prices out there. It all comes down to evaluating the quality of what is offered with what you are going to be charged.

seo we can afford


Anyone can create a clever sales pitch, so it is up to you to verify what is being offered. Don’t fall for fast-talking businesses who say they can give you an affordable SEO package. Look at the actions we have taken with other customers. Did we deliver what we said we would for that price? Reviews from our other happy customers can help you to find out!

Package Offers:

Many of the affordable search engine optimization offers are the result of packages. You will get certain perks for a given package. This is only cost-efficient though if you can truly benefit from all of the options included. If you won’t use some of them for your business then it isn’t a great deal. There are some providers who will customize a package for your needs.

If you have a limited budget for SEO, be honest about it and share it with us. Find out what we are able to deliver for that cost. It may be your best shot at securing an affordable SEO package to help your business grow. Get that in motion and see the sales and profits increasing. As you make more money, turn around and invest more of it in SEO practices.

Continue to do this until you get to the point where you have everything in place as it needs to be. SEO shouldn’t be all or nothing. If you can’t afford it all at the start, find out what the essentials are and pay for them. Then you can continue to build on it all from that point forward. The right Rank Trends company though with fair pricing will help you to stretch that budget the furthest.


Some providers do offer a guarantee with specific results. That can be harder to prove though than you think. Yet it can help you to feel like you have the right provider in place. Find out what the guarantee offers, the timeframe for the results to materialize, and what they will do if there aren’t improvements. If you can get your investment back, then you have nothing to lose.

While there are plenty of variables when it comes to SEO, our professional expert willing to customize a plan for your business will find ways to make it work. We will create a unique approach for your business to use successfully. SEO is a building block that should always be moving forward in order for it to be current and effective.

The Benefits of Professional SEO Package:

With this professional SEO package, you will get lots of benefits for your business. Supporting businesses is a marvelous thought since it encourages your locale to flourish. It can likewise give you that individual communication with an organization. At the point when that establishment is set up, it can assist you with having an enduring relationship. This is just one of the reasons to consider local search engine optimization services. When you look at all of the opportunities you gain with your business, they are plentiful. It can be a wonderful way to create a relationship that allows each of you to support another business in your community. Before you go anywhere else, it makes sense to check out what is in your own backyard.

Save Money:

You can often save money when you choose our professional SEO package for your needs. Yet you don’t have to compromise when it comes to the value of what is being offered. You should get outstanding SEO services but not pay a fortune for them. Being able to reap the rewards but also pay less can be a wonderful opportunity.

Our SEO service may be able to offer you a package deal just too great to pass up. Carefully review it and see what we have on the table for you. We are going to strive to gain your confidence and your business. Also, we will work hard to keep it so we aren’t going to slack on what we can deliver.

We are going to realize our future as a company depends on the feedback from you and other business owners in the area. We want to see our own business do well. Therefore, We are going to go the extra mile and add those personal touches. You gain the benefits from us doing so but you don’t pay more.

benefits of seo service

Personal Interaction:

Being able to make a call person to person with a team offering you SEO services is amazing. That can be lost when you are working with an unethical or unprofessional company. You may talk to us via email or on the phone but you never need to travel to deal. If you do, either you waste your valuable time or budget.

With the company being local, scheduling an appointment is too hard at all for both of us. You can sit down and go over the strategy online for your business. You can even invite our SEO expert from online to come to check out your business. When they see how it operates from the inside out, it can help them to create the best possible SEO plan of action.

We Care about Your Business:

Typically, our SEO services are going to care about your business on a personal level. We want to see our community thrive through quality businesses that get noticed. We are going to do all we can to help you create a business that is powerful, financially healthy, and continues to grow. Also, we are going to work on the details that help you to keep your returning customers happy. That loyalty can result in many repeat sales down the road. At the same time, we will be able to successfully reach your niche market to gain your need customers on a regular basis.

We will be tuned in to any feedback you offer too. If you feel we can offer something more to offer something better, tell us about it. We want to have the best services available for you and other clients. Getting such feedback can only help us to put it all out there for you to benefit from.

Common SEO Frauds to Be on the Lookout For:

You already know you need to have excellent search engine optimization in place for your business to do well! Perhaps you have put it on a backburner and now you want to kick it in gear. You may be a new business owner and you haven’t had the opportunity to let it work for you yet. While you are interested in getting results fast, you need to avoid SEO scams that can cost you.

Guaranteed Ranking in a Specific Period of Time:

As you look around for search engine optimization providers, it may be enticing to look towards those that offer a guarantee for ranking. They may tell you they can get you to the first page in 30-60 days! There is no crystal ball out there and no way can they really make that happen for you if they are using legitimate practices.

While you do want to find a search engine optimization provider with proven results, if it sounds too good to be true, it really is. These entities often charge more too because they try to draw you in with that fast result turnaround. Don’t waste your time or money because that time is going to pass. You will be disappointed with the outcome, even if you had some improvement.

common seo frauds to be on the lookout for

Free Trials:

When you feel like you can get SEO for free, you may really be listening. Avoid those free trials though as they are just to reel you in. Realistically, they aren’t going to offer you much for free. SEO takes time, dedication, and plenty of resources. That isn’t going to be offered for anything. Many of these free trials barely touch the surface.

If you want any real assistance from the company, you will have to pay them for it. They use the free trial to get you into their office. Then they start to tell you about all of the packages and offers they can extend to you.

Excessive Link Building:

Talk with the SEO Company you think about hiring. Learn about the methods they are going to incorporate to get your results. They should have a basket full of possibilities and creative elements. Then they should branch out and sprinkle those various elements all over to reach your target audience.

Avoid providers who dive in with excessive link building. In a matter of a week, they could have hundreds of links that go back to your website. However, this is going to be suspicious to the search engines and get red flagged. It also doesn’t mean where they place those links get you any closer to your niche market. You must reach them to drive traffic and boost sales.

Fast and Furious:

In the early planning stages, you need to take it slow and easy. Talk to several SEO companies to see what they offer. Compare offers, evaluate them, and compare pricing. You want the best overall value for your investment. Avoid providers that are driving at you 100 miles an hour. They are fast and furious to get you to sign up with them.

They often talk at a fast pace and they don’t care if you look confused. In fact, they use jargon to loosely explain things. This is intentional so that later on when you tell them something isn’t what it should b, they can use those loopholes to stay legal. They aren’t ethical in what they offer but they know how to stay out of legal trouble.

Claims of Insider Connections:

You may be drawn in by someone who says they can offer you search engine optimization for less and with great results. They may tell you they have insider connections and they can get you bumped in with various search engines without much effort. As enticing as that seems, it isn’t real and it isn’t going to materialize. They will take your money and you will get nothing.

Finding Qualified SEO Help:

You can’t trust your SEO needs to just anyone. You need qualified help to make sure it gets results. Moreover, you need a proven leader in the industry because the results aren’t going to be clear overnight. Instead, it will be a steady stream of improvements. You need to trust in Rank Trends to create a long-term strategy for you that will help generate sales.

Consultation and Discussion:

Never take any SEO package until you have had a discussion with us about what you need and what we can offer. This is an informative consultation that you don’t pay for. It may be limited to a certain amount of time though so be ready. Have information with you and a list of questions so you can maximize the time we divide to spend with you.

You may not be sure what you need from Rank Trends. You just know you aren’t engaged in optimizing your materials as you should. Maybe you have goals such as getting a higher search engine ranking than some of your key competitors. It may be time you start adding videos for marketing or using social media and you need help with all of it.

We offer you an exclusive marketing package and strategy that is designed to take the needs of your business into consideration. The process will depend on what you have in place now and what our experts need to do. If you have some basic SEO in place it isn’t as challenging as a business with nothing so it has to be completely revamped.

finding qualified seo help

Avoid SPAM and other Problems:

If you fall into the black hole of black-hat strategies or being classified as sending SPAM, it can be very difficult to recover from. Most businesses get into this type of situation by accident. They don’t intend to send SPAM or they engage in methods they didn’t realize were unethical or even illegal.

Knowing you have hired Rank Trends you can count on and who has a solid reputation should put your mind at ease. We are going to go through the hoops for you and remove barriers. Yet we are going to do it in a way that is accepted, ethical, and you can be proud of. Don’t be tempted to do it any other way.

Branching Out:

We are also going to share with you how to branch out. Too often, SEO feels limited to web pages, social media, and sales pages. However, We are going to branch it out there and get it coming from all methods. This includes local businesses and not just an online focus to the global audience. While you want to reach your customers out there, don’t skip those local.


Find an SEO provider who has been in business for quite some time. This business shifts and changes all the time. The needs and wants of consumers are always moving forward. Even the algorithms of the various search engines change all the time. It is impossible to manipulate them and to decipher them. As a result, your provider has to be on top of it.

Rank Trends team always focuses on the changes, understands forecasting, and be willing to change. We are creative and put new information out there that will continue to get you wonderful results. While there is always the risk with any SEO strategy, we need to base our projections on credible information so it isn’t just up to the luck of the draw for the outcome.

At last, we can ensure you, our professional SEO package has designed for those who want to grow their business and want to succeed at the last stage.


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